Swartland Joernaal

Swartland Joernaal

Day: December 9, 2020

Bielie-bale op lande

Die koring is van die lande van die Swartland afgehaal en oral is bale op die rollende heuwels gepak. Nou maak die graan weer plek vir die druiwe en sal landbouers nou hul volle aandag hieraan toewy.


The Malmesbury Chamber of Commerce awarded Sinalo Mdeni, learner of Illingelethu Secondary, with a book prize. Above is Johann Nothnagel, Kobus Rossouw, A Bhanayi, V Tyokwana and principal V Mhlungulwana, with Mdeni. Credit: David Howburg

Swartland Classic

Die Malmesbury Gholfklub het onlangs weer die jaarlikse Swartland Classic aangebied waar kranige gholfspelers sake uitgespook het om as die Swartland-kampioen gekroon te word. Regs bo: Vanjaar se wenners is S. Pietersen, S. Pietersen Snr, W van der Merwe en CBD Rinkwest Foto’s: David Howburg

What is Fibre?

The Swartland town of Malmesbury is buzzing with energy with the new optic fibre cables that are installed.
Optic fibre has many advantages that make it the better option, over the old copper cables.

  1. Greater Bandwidth
    Copper cables were originally designed for voice transmission and have a limited bandwidth. Fiber optic cables provide more bandwidth for carrying more data than copper cables of the same diameter. Within the fiber cable family, singlemode fiber delivers up to twice the throughput of multimode fiber.
  2. Faster Speeds
    Fiber optic cables have a core that carries light to transmit data.
    This allows fiber optic cables to carry signals at speeds that are only about 31 percent slower than the speed of light—faster than Cat5 or Cat6 copper cables. There is also less signal degradation with fiber cables.
  3. Longer Distances
    Fiber optic cables can carry signals much farther than the typical 328-foot limitation for copper cables. For example, some 10 Gbps singlemode fiber cables can carry signals almost 25 miles. The actual distance depends on the type of cable, the wavelength and the network.
  4. Better Reliability
    Fiber is immune to temperature changes, severe weather and moisture, all of which can hamper the connectivity of copper cable. Plus, fiber does not carry electric current, so it’s not bothered by electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can interrupt data transmission. It also does not present a fire hazard like old or worn copper cables can.
  5. Thinner and Sturdier
    Compared to copper cables, fiber optic cables are thinner and lighter in weight. Fiber can withstand more pull pressure than copper and is less prone to damage and breakage.
  6. More Flexibility for the Future
    Media converters make it possible to incorporate fiber into existing networks. The converters extend UTP Ethernet connections over fiber optic cable. Modular patch panel solutions integrate equipment with 10 Gb, 40 Gb and 100/120 Gb speeds to meet current needs and provide flexibility for future needs. The panels in these solutions accommodate a variety of cassettes for different types of fiber patch cables.
  7. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    Although some fiber optic cables may have a higher initial cost than copper, the durability and reliability of fiber can make the total cost of ownership (TCO) lower. And, costs continue to decrease for fiber optic cables and related components as technology advances.


Die NG Moedergemeente van Malmesbury het vanjaar weer ‘n skouspelsagtige Kersuitvoering aangebied in die historiese kerkgebou. Hier is die Kerstoneel uitgebeeld deur plaaslike akteurs en sangers

Dont be a statistic!

Don’t be part of the statistics of home invasions.
Here are some simples tricks you can apply to keep your house from being burgled.
Exterior doors are the most used point of entry for burglars. There are several points of potential weakness on a typical door such as: the handle and lockset, hinges and their mounting screws, strength of the door itself, and the door jamb or frame. Sliding patio doors and French doors present a whole new set of weaknesses. Here are some suggestions on how to make your doors a safer barrier:
Don’t rely on the spring-latch lock on your door handle. These locks are easy to compromise. Incorporate a sturdy deadbolt lock.
Install door armour kits on exterior doors to help prevent burglars from taking advantage of the weakest parts of your door. These kits usually include 3” screws to replace short screws that come with door hardware, hefty strike plates for handles and deadbolts, and metal framing to place around the hinge and handle/lock hardware.
Add auxiliary locks to sliding doors. Options include loop locks, security bars, or a vertical bolt locks.
Security bars are sometimes known as sliding door polls or charlie bars.
Add a security bar to French doors to decrease the likelihood of a kick-in. These bar systems might not be the most attractive, but they make up for their looks with effectiveness.
A sometimes overlooked detail about French doors, and doors in general, is hinge placement. Ensure that all of your hinge pins are interior-facing to avoid giving burglars easy access without force.
Add security film to glass doors. This window film prevents glass from being easily broken. Security film is an inexpensive way to help stop an intruder from quickly kicking through a patio door without sacrificing the benefits of having a glass door.
Security Windows
Windows can be easily secured. There are numerous window security solutions for new and old windows that increase effectiveness at keeping out intruders. If you’re in the market to replace your windows, here are some key suggestions:
Look for reinforced glass or acrylic windows. Reinforced (tempered or laminated) glass and acrylic (polycarbonate) are much harder to break than traditional glass windows. This can help deter criminals from continuing an intrusion after they attempt to break your windows.
Multiple panes of glass are better than one large pane. Multiple glass panes provide added strength and durability to repel break-in attempts.
If you’re looking to increase the security of your current windows, these devices can help:
Window bars for added security
Add after-market window locks to your built in window locks. These simple gadgets are cheap and very successful at helping to stop a window from being forced open. Depending on your window style, you may need double hung window locks, sliding window locks, or locks for casement windows (sometimes called crank windows.)
Exterior window bars can be added for additional protection. Many window bars come in decorative designs and can accent the style of your house just as well as they can help protect your windows.
Security film can be added to windows to decrease the likelihood of break-ins. Thicker film provides the highest level of protection.

Dont forget the garage!
Garage door security is often overlooked by homeowners. While breaking into a garage via the garage door seems unlikely, the truth is it can be done quickly. The worst part about attached garage break-ins is that criminals can shut the garage door behind them and take their time breaking into your home without worrying about being seen. Here are some strategies to help prevent garage break-ins:
Don’t leave garage door openers in your vehicles. It might seem inconvenient to bring them in each night, but the inconvenience is well worth it by saving you the time and trouble of replacing your belongings.
Help secure your garage door emergency release to prevent easy intruder access. This can be done by either fastening it with a zip tie (which can be broken by yanking the release cord) or by placing a barrier between the top of the door and the release. Check out a guide for securing your emergency release cord at Family Handyman.
Use a garage door sensor to remotely alert you when your garage door has opened. Some newer garage door openers have this feature built-in as well as an auto-closing feature that will close your garage door when it has been open for too long.
Have a dead bolt on the door between your garage and home to prevent further intrusion. It is also a good idea to install a peephole viewer on the door to make it easier to inspect the garage without opening the door.
Have bright, motion sensing lights in the garage to bring attention to an open garage door.

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