Day: May 19, 2021

‘n Emosionele oomblik vir 19 jarige kunstenaar

Cohnwille Swarts, van Abbotsdale, na die aankoop van een van sy skilderye deur die ikoniese besigheidsvrou, filantroop, asook Mej. SA 1994-titelhouer, Basetsana Kumalo. Die toneel het hom afgespeel by die woning van Charlton en Celeste Arendse, op Sondag, 16 Mei 2021. Celeste was Cohnwille se kunsonderwyseres en mentor by Schoonspruit Sekondêr, waar hy verlede jaar sy skoolloopbaan voltooi het. Dit is inderdaad ‘n geskiedkundige gebeurtenis vir hierdie jong man, aangesien dit sy eerste kunswerk is wat hy amptelik verkoop het. Die ontmoeting is gereël deur die bekende TV-aanbieder en media-persoonlikheid, Doreen Morris. Albei vroue ondersteun die bemagtiging van die jeug en is groot kunsliefhebbers. Kumalo het ook genoem dat sy hierdie kunswerk koop ter nagedagtenis van haar oorlede ma, wat Sondag sou verjaar het. Swarts studeer tans kuns aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Foto’s: David Howburgh

Jong akteur na VSA

Joseph Lekganyane, ‘n graad 12-leerder van die Hoërskool Swartland op Malmesbury, is onlangs gekies om ‘n “International Presentation of Performers” oftewel IPOP-byeenkoms in Los Angeles, VSA, van 17 tot 21 Januarie 2022 by te woon. Joseph sou gedurende Julie vanjaar na Amerika hiervoor gereis het, maar die byeenkoms is uitgestel na Januarie 2022. Die IPOP-platform gee Joseph die geleentheid om sy droom om ‘n internasionale akteur te word, te laat realiseer.


Nuan van den Berge, oftewel Noenoe soos sy familie hom noem, was nog altyd ‘n groot Lollos-aanhanger. Nou kry hierdie Swartlandse japsnoet die kans om dalk deel van die Lollos-gevolg te wees in ‘n reeks wat eersdaags geskiet word. Nuan, wat saam met ouboet Diandré, mamma Anél en pappa Rudi op Malmesbury woon, is uit duisende ander kandidate gekies en nou vra hy Swartlanders se hulp om sy droom te laat bewaarheid. Om Nuan op die kassie te kry, moet hy genoeg stemme verwerf. Al wat jy moet doen om hom te help, is om W319 te SMS na 47620. Elke SMS beloop R3 en veelvuldige stemme is welkom. Die kompetisie sluit op 30 Junie 2021.

Passion for fitness changes her life

They say that dynamite comes in small packages. Cathleen Manuel (36), mother of 3, are one of those people that can be defined as such.
Her journey to fitness wasn’t easy though and is a portrayal of hard work and dedication.
After an emotional and devastating divorce in 2014 she decided to re-evaluate her life and take back control.
The distress of her failed marriage, as well as being more than 10kg overweight, played a huge role in this decision, but it also took a lot of courage and willpower to make that change.
She always had a passion for health and fitness, but only in 2016 Cathleen could reclaim this love again.
Taking it one step at a time and by first regaining her own self-confidence. She slowly, but surely started her new journey that led to where she is today.
While sharing her story, it is quite evident that her passion for fitness and exercise runs deep.
Cathleen believes that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and that this connection is the key to a much happier life.
That good old fashion exercise, together with eating healthy, will help you put body, mind and spirit in sync again.
She also explains that, not only can you use exercise to reconnect with yourself, but you can also use it to connect with other women.
You’re getting all of these benefits, as part of a group that uplifts, while setting your own fitness goals and reaching it in your own time.
Cathleen had to face many challenges and even though the road was a difficult one, she was blessed in finding love again.
With a supportive husband she was able to start her own health and fitness classes, branded as ‘Fitness Fanatics’ in 2018.
Her vision is to do this on a full time basis, but at the moment Cathleen is content with just fulfilling her passion.
These fitness classes are for both men and women and include the following: general fitness, which covers H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training), bodyweight, cardio, pulse training, bootcamps as well as aerobics classes, which she added to her program recently.
An additional perk is her online classes, which started during lockdown, but has become so popular that it’s now one of the options available. These online classes consist of 12 workout videos and it also includes a meal plan. Specially designed for those with hectic work schedules, yet giving them the option to work out while in the comfort of their own home and at their own time.
‘Fitness Fanatics’ classes are at the VPC Church Building in Hoogstreet, Malmesbury and are as follows:
Monday & Tuesday: General fitness (18h15 – 19h00)
Tuesday & Thursday: Aerobics (18h15 -19h00)
*Covid Protocols are in place and start from 18h00.
Workout packages available:
4 sessions per week at R250 a month
2 sessions per week at R200 a month
or R30 a session for those who can only join when available.
For more information on how to become a member of ‘Fitness Fanatics’ or to join Cathleen’s online classes you can contact her on 083 787 1232.

Stand van die damme

Die damme in die voorsieningsnetwerk van die Wes-Kaap was Maandagmiddag 69.8% vol in vergelyking met verlede week se 68.6% en verlede jaar se 53.6%.
Gedurende 2017 was die damme op dieselfde tydstip 20.9% vol.
Die Bergrivierdam was Maandag 76.1% vol en verlede week 72.2%. In 2020 was die dam 65.7% vol.
Die Laer-Steenbrasdam was Maandag 58% vol, waar die dam verlede week die 57.4%-merk gehaal het en verlede jaar dieselfde tyd 48.9% vol was.
Die Theewaterskloofdam was Maandag 75.2% vol. Verlede week het die dam se vlak op 73.8% gestaan en verlede jaar dieselfde tyd op 35.8%. In 2018 op dieselfde tyd was die dam 12.1% vol.
Die Voëlvleidam, die Swartland se enigste bron van water, was Maandag 58.3% vol in vergelyking met verlede week se 48.9% en verlede jaar se 50.2%. In 2018 was dié dam op dieselfde tyd van die jaar 14.5% vol.
Die reënval wat oor die afgelope week aangeteken is by die Voëlvleidam was 7mm op 14 Mei en 27mm op 15 Mei. Die totale reënval in die gebied van die voorsieningsnetwerk was 28.7mm vanaf 11 tot 17 Mei.

Teach your child to be organized

Developing organisational skills is important in holistic child development, and a key step in their path towards independence and academic success. Children are capable and competent and will respond to the opportunity to be organised, an education expert says.
“Organisational skills help children create order in their environment and the world, and they feel empowered to take on increasingly more complex tasks as they build on this foundational skill,” says Desiree Hugo, Head of Academics at ADvTECH Schools, a division of Africa’s leading private education provider.
She says parents can progressively start introducing organisational skills into the everyday lives of their children by making it a fun and empowering experience. Essential to this introduction is ensuring your child has good role modelling, and this is easily done by parent and child preparing for the school day before bed time. Ensure school uniforms are prepared, school bags are packed, lunch boxes are ready to be filled and plans for collection from school are discussed. Involve your child in these preparations and give them the responsibility of participating in the organisation of their day and space. Leave early in the morning to avoid traffic congestion, and prevent your child becoming anxious by late arrival. The impact of arriving late will be affect the child’s settling in and learning throughout the day.
“Teaching, modelling and allowing the child autonomy to practice these essential skills have a significant and long-lasting impact on a child’s ability to succeed throughout their academic career; since these are essential life skills and they are the foundation to building a child’s ability to feel prepared, and ready to learn and engage in the classroom.”
Hugo says that all children are unique, and while some may have an innate drive to organise their environment, others may be quite content to let chaos compound around them. These differences in personality may very likely translate to school work and responsibilities at home as well, she says, so organisational skills should be encouraged and introduced in an age-and personality appropriate way from a young age.
“Your average preschooler isn’t going to be keeping a diary or to-do list, for instance, but they can understand, develop and share routines at home and in the classroom,” Hugo says.
“Teachers can help students stay on track by following a general schedule each day. Maintaining structure in the classroom supports students to establish a schedule and remember what is expected of them. Structure in this second year of Covid is important, given that most children in South Africa still have a disrupted educational experience, so where possible, structure helps alleviate some of the impact of this disruption by providing a measure of certainty and predictability.”
She says at home, chores such as cleaning up toys, putting away clothes and helping set or clear the table – or whichever recurring chores arise within the home environment – are good ways to teach children the methodical approach to following directions and focusing on a task.
“Establishing an after-school routine for having lunch, planning their work timelines, and completing homework promptly is also helpful, not just academically, but it provides a sense of structure and achievement.”
Hugo says that parents can help their child on their organisational journey by creating a nurturing environment conducive to learning and developing important foundational skills, but always believing in the competencies of their child.
“With the right encouragement and approach, children will gradually start to build organisational muscle, and be proud of their contribution within the home and at school.”
Playful family time is essential and co-creating games are interactive.
An exciting way to introduce new concepts “particularly to an otherwise reluctant child” is to turn it into a game, says Hugo.
The LEGO Foundation and UNICEF share useful elements of playful pedagogy and these online platforms offer playful learning ideas, materials and strategies for schools and families, which can support organisational thinking.
“As academic demands start to grow, children may experience challenges setting priorities, making plans, sticking to a task and getting things done.
These skills become increasingly important as your child moves through different grade levels. Many people think of organisational skills as the ability to keep things in order, but it is much more than that “it sets a child up for success and enjoyment of their learning journey.”

Weet waar jy moet stem

Met die plaaslike verkiesing vanjaar in Oktober, hou die Onafhanklike Verkiesingskommissie ‘n registrasienaweek op 17 en 18 Julie.
Op hierdie naweek sal al 23 146 kiessentrums regoor die land oop wees vanaf 08:00 tot 17:00 om nuwe kiesers te ondersteun in die registrasieproses.
Kiesers wat reeds geregistreer is, kan hierdie geleentheid gebruik om seker te maak dat hul inligting op datum is en hulle by die regte lokaal hul stemme gedurende Oktober kan uitbring.
Die verkiesing vind op 27 Oktober plaas.
Geregistreerde kiesers kan ook aanlyn, op die kommissie se webtuiste, hul inligting nagaan.
Om te stem moet jy 16 jaar en ouer wees, ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse burger wees en ook in besit wees van ‘n geldige Suid-Afrikaanse identiteitsdokument.
Die groen ID-boekie of die nuwe slimkaarte geld hiervoor.
Besoek vir meer inligting.

Sport: CK maak reg vir toutrekkampioenskappe

Die Malmesbury-toutrek klub speel eersdaags gasheer vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Toutrek-federasie se suidelike klubtoutrekkampioenskappe. Dit vind plaas op 22 Mei op die landbougronde van die dorp.
Hier sal al die suidelike klubs van Suid-Afrika kragte meet. Verskeie distrikte soos Eden, Overberg, Kaap Metropool, asook Wynland sal ook die kompetisie bywoon.
Hierdie byeenkoms word gesien as die voorloper vir die nasionale klubkampioenskappe wat later vanjaar gehou word – ook op Malmesbury.
Die nasionale keurders sal ook hier teenwoordig wees om atlete te kies vir die wêreldkampioenskappe gedurende September in Spanje. SA-toutrek is tans baie aktief en die SA-presidentspan is reeds besig met voorbereidings om Suid-Afrika in Julie te verteenwoordig by die Afrika-kampioenskappe in Swakopmund, Namibië. Verder gaan ‘n SA Ontwikkelingspan gedurende Oktober na Turkye toer. ‘n Duitse toerspan word vroeg aanstaande jaar in Suid-Afrika verwag.
Weens Covid-regulasies sal geen toeskouers toegelaat word nie.
Enige navrae kan gerig word aan die organiseerder, Rentia van den Berg, by 060 508 5144

Malmesbury Lions kyk na impak van kinderkanker

Die Malmesbury Lionsklub het Saterdag by ‘n swierige oggendtee na ‘n kenner van kinderkanker, Professor Mariaan Kruger, geluister en gaste is getrakteer deur sekretaris Marius du Plessis in ‘n handjievol van sy eie kledingskeppings.
Prof Kruger, die hoof van die kinderonkologie-afdeling van die Tygerberg-hospitaal, het die gaste toegespreek oor die uitdagings wat hulle as pediatriese onkoloeë in die gesig staar op ‘n daaglikse basis.

Volgens haar is die herstelsyfer vir kinderkanker baie hoog as dit vroeg genoeg gediagnoseer word, maar dat dit ‘n groot impak nie net op die pasiënte het nie, maar ook hul ouers.
“Die kind het ‘n ondersteuningsbasis nodig en ouers speel ‘n integrale rol in die kinders se herstelproses. Dit eis sy tol, want baie gesinne moet dan toutjies trek oor wie na ‘n jonger of ouer boetie of sussie moet kyk. Wie gaan werk? Wie bly by die kind in die hospitaal agter?”
Volgens haar is vervoergelde vir pasiënte wat van ver kom, ‘n groot uitgawe vir die gesinne, maar ondersteun Tygerberg-hospitaal hulle in hierdie aspek.
“Dis hartverskeurend om te sien hoe pasiëntjies soggens 02:00 al op die bussie moet klim om betyds hier te wees vir hul afspraak. Teen daardie tyd het hulle al gemors op hulle klere of het hulle natgereën of kry hulle koud, so ons probeer altyd ekstra klere aan te hou, vir sulke gevalle.
“Kos is ook ‘n groot probleem. Die pasiënt het genoegsame voeding nodig, sodat die lyfie teen die kanker en die behandeling kan sterkstaan, maar daar is nie altyd geld in die gesinne hiervoor nie. Iets soos ‘n lepel grondboontjiebotter is meer as voldoende om ‘n kind vir ‘n hele dag van die nodige proteïene te voorsien wat hy of sy benodig in hierdie proses.”
Volgens haar kry hulle ook baie te doen met werkgewers wat onsensitief is teenoor ‘n werknemer wie se kind ‘n kankerlyer is en word die nodige grasie in werksure nie gegun nie.
Malmesbury se eie kinderarts, Dr Irma Kruger, is een van Professor Kruger se studente en sy het hierdie arts groot lof toegeswaai en is baie beïndruk met haar as pediater.
Die oggend is afgesluit met sekretaris Marius du Plessis se vertoning van sommige van die kledingstukke wat hy met die hand gemaak het.
Elke kledingstuk is vertoon en ‘n kort staaltjie oor elke uitrusting is vertel.

Swartland Joernaal was ook by die oggendtee verteenwoordig, met eetgerei, dekor en eetgoed geskenk deur Peaberry Café, Koffie, O’kasi, Huiswinkels en Futasia Catering.

Sport: Tiere kraai koning

Die Tiere-rugbyspan van Moorreesburg het die naweek kragte gemeet teen die spanne van Porterville. Die Tiere se tweede span het koning gekraai op Porterville en 12-10 gewen, terwyl die eerstespan van die Tiere breëbors loop, ná hul oorwinning van 29-21 teen Porterville. Foto: Ghida Visse