Day: July 7, 2021

Goue gloed van hoop

Die Swartland gaan gebukkend onder die impak wat die Covid-pandemie nie net op die plaaslike ekonomie het nie, maar ook op families wat geliefdes aan die dood afgestaan het die afgelope week. Hierdie foto, geneem deur Ghida Visser, dui op die spreekwoordelike silwer, oftewel goue rand en gloed, wat wag aan die anderkant van struikelblokke. Die son sal weer skyn.

Berg postponed until August

Following the raising of the Covid-19 lockdown to adjusted Level 4 last night, the organisers of the Berg River Canoe Marathon, who was due to start next week, have postponed the event to 5-8 August.
Following the raising of the Covid-19 lockdown to adjusted Level 4 last night, the organisers of the Berg River Canoe Marathon, who was due to start next week, have postponed the event to 5-8 August. After consultation with Canoeing South Africa, the race organisers felt strongly that the 60th edition of the four day race from Paarl to Velddrif cannot be cancelled and agreed to move it to the long weekend on the second weekend in August. By moving to the available date on the Women’s Day weekend, the organisers have more than a month to allow for the third wave of the pandemic to abate to enable them to stage the race with the strict protocols already planned for the event.
“We have the biggest entry in for many years and we fully appreciate that everyone has made travel arrangements and booked accommodation for the race,” said race director Brandon Macleod. “We trust that changes and postponements to these bookings can be easily made.
“It has become clear to use that there is a real passion driving the sixtieth anniversary of this great race, which has inspired us to do whatever it takes to make the race happen,” he added.
The race safety plan already had strict Covid-19 lockdown regulations compliance measures, and participants in the event were divided into smaller batches starting further apart, with strict limits on access for technical support crews and no spectators.
“We fully endorse the Canoeing SA Plan to place the safety and health of every single person as a top priority,” said Macleod. “Right now as the country deals with the third wave we need paddlers to focus on their well being.
“The success of the MyLife Dusi in March showed what can be achieved with a structured plan that is fully lockdown regulation compliant, and we are confident that our arrive-paddle-depart plan for Berg 2021 will keep each entrant and their support crew safe.”
The move to early August will be welcomed in many quarters as paddlers noted that the level of water in the Berg river has been more reliable later in the winter in recent years.
“The date change gives paddlers an extra month to get in the training to enjoy the race, and may well open the race up to more paddlers interested in getting involved in this milestone edition of the race,” he added.

‘Ons kan doen met son’

“Ons is nie ondankbaar nie. Glad nie. Maar ons kan doen met ‘n paar dae se sonskyn.”
So sê Truter de Kock, voorsitter van die Malmesbury-landbouvereeniging.
Volgens De Kock is dit die afgelope paar jaar nat in die omgewing, maar het Malmesbury lanklaas soveel reën op een slag ontvang soos vanjaar in Junie en Julie.
Volgens hom is daar tussen 112 en 152mm reën gemeet.
“Toe ons klein was, was ons gewoond aan so baie reën.”
Aldus De Kock sal landbouers nou kan doen met ‘n bietjie sonskyn-weer, aangesien hulle bo-bemesting moet saai en dat hulle nou sukkel om in die lande te kom weens die nattigheid.
“Die nuwe manier van plant, waar ons nie die grond so los hoef te maak nie, sal ons vinniger kan inkom. Maar, ons moet spuit en kunsmis saai. Ons is beslis nie ondankbaar nie, maar die bietjie son sal ons goed doen.
“Die reën is baie goed vir die wingerdboere wat damme het en ook vir die ondergrondse vog.”
Ten opsigte van die koring, is die grond vlak en sal dit maklik versuip as die water te veel op die land is. Die suurstof word uit die grond gedruk van te veel reën. Jy as mens kan vir ‘n dag sonder water wees, maar as jy kop onder water gedruk word, sal jy verdrink. Dieselfde gebeur met die koring.
“Jy begin ook geel kolle te kry wat ‘n oesverlies tot gevolg het,” verduidelik De Kock.
Die damme in die voorsieningsnetwerk van die Wes-Kaap was Maandag 89.2% vol.
Dit is ‘n styging van 13.8%.
Die Bergrivierdam was Maandag 101.3% vol in vergelyking met verlede week se 89.7% en 2017, wanneer die Wes-Kaap gebukkend onder ‘n droogte gegaan het, se 36.9%.
Die Laer-Steenbras was Maandag 76.3% vol. Verlede week was die dam 61.6% vol en in 2017 29.3%.
Die Theewaterskloofdam was Maandag 95.8% vol. Die vorige week was die dam 79.7% vol en in 2017 19.6%.
Die Voëlvleidam, die Swartland se enigste bron van water, was Maandag 67.8% vol, waar dit verlede week 61.8% vol was en in 2017 20.1%.
Die reënvalsyfers het die afgelope twee weke merkwaardig gestyg.
In die Theewaterskool-opvangsgebied is daar op 29 Junie 29mm, op 30 Junie 30.5mm en op 1 Jule 10mm gemeet. Op 4 Julie is 16mm neerslag aangeteken. Dit bring ‘n totaal van 56.5 in vergelyking met die langtermynneerslag van 74.2mm.
In die Voëlvlei-gebied is 60mm gemeet, in vergelyking met die langtermynneerslag-gemiddeld van 101.1mm.

What is the Delta variant?

South Africa has now increased its lockdown restrictions in an attempt to curb the spread of a new Covid-19 variant, which has now been detected in five provinces, and could begin to dominate the country’s epidemic.
The Delta variant — which was initially detected in South Africa in May — is, so far, the most transmissible form of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes Covid-19) in the world, meaning it is able to spread much more efficiently from person to person than other variants.
Here’s what you need to know about the variant.

What is a variant?
Over time viruses undergo small changes in their structure, known as mutations. These are largely insignificant and mostly don’t alter the behaviour of the bug. But occasionally, mutations can affect the way a virus interacts with our bodies and, in turn, change the trajectory of an outbreak.
Scientists use a technique called genomic surveillance to analyse the mutations and understand what they mean for the virus’s behaviour. In South Africa, there is a network of scientists who have been doing just this since March last year. They unravel the genetic code of the versions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreading in the country to establish if new variants have emerged.
For SARS-CoV-2, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has come up with two categories of variants that pose a greater public health risk: variants of interest and variants of concern.
A variant of interest is a version of the virus which causes community transmission or has been detected in multiple countries. Variants can also be assigned to this category based on a WHO assessment.
Once the variant has been identified as of interest, its status can then change to a variant of concern if it is shown to have increased transmissibility, cause more severe disease or if it makes treatments, vaccines or diagnostic tools (tests) less effective.
The Delta variant was initially identified as a variant of interest in April 2021, before being categorised as a variant of concern on 11 May.

What do we know about the Delta variant?
Just more than six months ago, South Africa identified its own variant of concern, called Beta. This variant drove the country’s second wave of infections and quickly became the main form of the virus circulating in the country, making up more than 90% of all new cases.
Since then, the Beta variant has consistently dominated South Africa’s epidemic — until now. Saturday’s announcement raises concerns that the Delta variant is quickly overtaking other forms of the virus in circulation in the country.
Perhaps the most concerning trait of the Delta variant is its ability to spread at a rapid rate.
The variant was first identified in India, where it drove a devastating second wave of Covid-19 infections that peaked in May — with a high of 414 433 new cases on 6 May.
As of 22 June, the Delta variant had spread to 85 countries. Because the variant is still fairly new, scientists are still busy gathering data to fully understand what its mutations mean.
But for now, one thing is clear: this form of the virus spreads exceptionally fast. As a result, the Delta variant causes a steep rise in new cases.
A June Eurosurveillance report found that the reproductive number (how many other people one infected person can infect) had increased for all variants of concern. This increase varied depending on the variant, from 25% for the Beta and up to 97% for Delta.
When compared to other variants, the Delta ranges from 30% to 60% more transmissible. Because of this, the report estimates that the Delta variant “is expected to rapidly outcompete other variants and become the dominant circulating lineage [globally] over the coming months”.
This has already been seen in the UK, where the Alpha variant was first identified last year. Public Health England, which falls under the UK’s health department, began investigating the Delta variant in early April when there were just more than 200 cases in the country. Three months later, the variant accounts for almost 95% of cases sequenced in the country.
Can the Delta variant cause more severe disease?
The short answer: it’s too soon to tell.


Wiele – Rygenot op sy beste met Nissan se nuwe Navara

Nissan spog met ‘n splinternuwe trekpleister. Een met baie gom wat jou behoorlik gaan trek as jy eers een bestuur het.
Dit is die splinternuwe Nissan Navara.
Hierdie bakkie, wat net sowel ‘n werksesel kan wees, as ‘n luukse voertuig om mee rond te ry, word plaaslik in Suid-Afrika vervaardig.
Geen wonder hy sit so lekker op die Suid-Afrikaanse paaie nie.
Die bakkie is indrukwekkend. Dis eintlik sagkens gestel.
Die bakkie beïndruk. Baie en deeglik.
Met perfekte lyne, ‘n voorkoms wat die koppe sal draai, daardie ruwe voorkoms van ‘n ongeslypte diamant, want hy lyk sommer soos ‘n rowwe bulletjie van buite.
Maar maak die deur oop, klim en en jy ontmoet ‘n gesofistikeerde, goed afgewerkte voertuig met al die luukshede waarna jy kan smag.
Die model wat ek gelukkig genoeg was om te bestuur, spog met leersitplekke met stiksels wat dit afrond. Die stiplekke is ook so ontwerp, dat dit ry-moegheid teenwerk. So, jy besef nie eens hoe ver jy gery het, as jy nie op die ritmonitor kyk nie.
Die sitplek is verstelbaar, sodat enige beenlengte gemaklik en gerieflik hul plek kan vind.
Die kontroles op die stuurwiel maak dit veilig, want nooit hoef jy jou hand van die stuurwiel te lig as jy die musiek wil harder maak, of ‘n oproep wil beantwoord nie.
Met ‘n groot-skerm radio, met meer funksies as die meeste slimfone, is hierdie rowwe bulletjie tegnologies gevorderd.
Die oomblik wat jy die aanskakelaar-knoppie druk, hoor jy die sagte brul vanuit die enjinkap.
Hy roep jou eintlik om te gaan ry.
En wat ‘n rit is dit nie.
Of dit nou grondpad of teerpad is, die gerief en gemak is een en dieselfde.
Om elke hoek en draai klou die bande aan die teer.
Die kilometers vlieg verby, sonder dat jy besef hoe ver jy al van die huis af is, want hierdie binneruim is gerieflik.
Baie gerieflik met baie spasie.

Jy kan vir ewig ry, sonder om moeg te word.
As jy krag nodig het, sit net jou voet neer en ‘n ekstra brulletjie ontsnap, die kap sak en jy skiet vorentoe.
Daar is selfs sensors in die kantspieëltjies wat jou waarsku dat daar ‘n voertuig in jou blindekol is.
Sodra jy jou flikkerlig aanskakel en daar is ‘n voertuig in daardie baan, gaan die sirene af om jou te waarsku dat dit nie nou die tyd is vir jou om van baan te verwissel nie.
Gerieflik, genotvol, prettig, kragtig en soveel meer.
As jy op vakansie gaan, is die Navara reg om ‘n karavaan te sleep met sy kragtige onderstel.
Hy beskik ook oor sleepwa-wieg-kontrole, so die bakkie moniteer die beweging van dit wat jy sleep. Dit pas dan weer die remstelsel aan om hierdie beweging te hanteer.
Die dubbelkajuit kan tot 1086kg se gewig dra en vervoer.
As jy lus is om die buitelewe aan te durf, kan jy selfs jou kosbare vrag saamneem vir ‘n bietjie pret in die veld, want die ‘utility track’-sisteem verseker dat al jou speelgoed stewig staan.
Die nuwe Nissan Navara is beskikbaar in ‘n 2.5 liter petrol en ook 2.5 liter turbo-aangedrewe diesel enjin. Die petrol enjin beskik oor 118kw, terwyl die turbo diesel enjin 140kw kan uitskop.
Met helder en duidelike tru-rit-kameras, is dit soveel makliker om die groot bul in en uit klein parkeerplekke te stuur.
Die turbo-laaier hierin maak dat die voertuig in ‘n oogwink reageer as jy wel jou voet neersit.
Jy is ook die heeltyd bewus van wat die voertuig doen met die rit-assistent wat voortdurend die petrolverbruik monitor.
Hierdie Navara is beslis een om vir ‘n toetsrit te neem. Jy sal nie spyt wees nie.
Kontak die vriendelike span van JB’s Nissan vandag om jou toetsrit te bespreek.

NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X2 MT DC – R474 000
NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X2 AT DC – R498 000
NAVARA 2.5D SE Plus 4X2 MT DC – R505 000
NAVARA 2.5D SE Plus 4X2 AT DC – R528 000
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X2 AT DC – R606 000
NAVARA 2.5D PRO-2X 4X2 AT DC – R686 000
NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X4 MT DC – R552 000
NAVARA 2.5D SE Plus 4X4 MT DC – R580 000
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X4 MT DC – R660 000
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X4 AT DC – R677 000
NAVARA 2.5D PRO-4X 4X4 AT DC – R740 000
NAVARA 2.5 Petrol XE 4X2 MT SC – R311 000
NAVARA 2.5D XE 4X2 MT SC – R350 000
NAVARA 2.5D SE 4X2 MT SC – 426 000
NAVARA 2.5D LE 4X2 MT SC – R456 000
NAVARA 2.5D 4X4 SE MT SC – R492 000
NAVARA 2.5D 4X4 LE MT SC – R527 000

Rinkwest-familie groet twee lede

Een van die oudste Malmesbury-families is swaar getref toe die Rinkwest-egpaar wat in Langstraat gewoon het, enkele ure na mekaar gesterf het. Albei het teen Covid-19 gestry.
Ray Rinkwest (56) het Sondagaand in Tygerberg-hospitaal gesterf, terwyl haar man Cheslin (63) Maandagmiddag in die Paarl-hospitaal oorlede is. Hulle laat drie jong volwasse kinders agter.
Cheslin se werkgewer van die laaste 14 jaar, Jaco Cotter, sê oor hom: “Getrou, lojaal, eerlik, vriendelik met ‘n hart van goud. Ches het nooit gekla nie. Hy was n vriend. Ons paadjies het in 2007 gekruis toe hy as buurman vir ons die winkel kom hanteer het. Ek weet nie hoe ons die gat wat hy agterlaat, gaan toekry nie. Ons harte is baie seer vandag!”
Die egpaar se kinders onthou hul ma se liefde vir gedigte skryf, hul pa se vreugde wanneer hy met sy ghitaar begin musiek maak. Sy bure onthou die man wat altyd glimlag en volgens facebook-inskrywings onthou kliënte by Cheslin se werk hom as vriendelik, altyd behulpsaam en ‘n ware ensiklopedie as dit kom by elektriese onderdele.
Cheslin was die derde kind van Arnold en Elizabeth Rinkwest. Sy ouer broer wat steeds in Abbotsdale woon, is die oudhedekenner Trevor Rinkwest. – Sarie Nell

Vision Security nou onder vaandel van Dogs and All

Vision Security stel hiermee al ons kliënte in kennis dat Dogs and All ons alarm en gewapende reaksie kliëntebasis oorneem.
Hiermee wil ons as Vision Security al ons getroue kliënte op Malmesbury en in die Riebeekvallei bedank vir jul getroue ondersteuning oor die afgelope 13 jaar wat ons operasioneel was.
Die woordjie ‘dankie’ is beslis nie genoeg nie, maar ons waardeer elke kliënt se ondersteuning. Dit was ‘n eer om tot u diens te wees!
Ons verseker u dat ons kantore hard werk om die oorname so glad as moontlik te maak met geen onderbreking in u dienste nie.
U sou die afgelope paar dae kommunikasie ontvang het rakende die oorname en indien u met die kommunikasie oorgeslaan is, nooi ons u vriendelik uit om met Sandra kontak te maak by 022 482 2223 vir verdere navrae.
Dogs and All is ‘n bekende handelsmerk in die area met ‘n indrukwekkende infrastruktuur. U kan dus verseker wees van top gehalte diens met die nodige kundigheid om u eiendom veilig te hou.
Meer inligting is op hulle webtuiste beskikbaar by

WCDoA to host 9th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture in 2024

Following the recent announcement that the Western Cape Department of Agriculture will be hosting the International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops in 2023 in Stellenbosch, another major international congress, The World Congress on Conservation Agriculture, is also heading to Cape Town in 2024.
At the 8th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture held last week in Switzerland, Theodor Friedrich, chair of the bid committee, announced to the 784 delegates from 80 countries that the next congress will be held from 24 – 27 June 2024 in Cape Town.
The announcement follows the successful bid from the South African team consisting of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, Conservation Agriculture Western Cape, Landbouweekblad (Media 24), and the African Conservation Tillage Network.
This congress will bring together farmers, researchers, industry, and policymakers to our shores.
Commenting on the bid announcement Western Cape Minister of Agriculture Ivan Meyer said that the Western Cape has a vibrant research group focused on Conservation Agriculture (CA) research in the province.
Meyer: “Given that the Western Cape is a significant player in agriculture in South Africa, it is only fitting that the international conservation agriculture congress will be taking place in the Western Cape. CA focussed research is done by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, the University of Stellenbosch and several commodity groups in a whole range of annual and perennial crops.”
Meyer continues: “The event will afford excellent opportunities to showcase the success of our Department’s work on our grain-producing research farms and in our agricultural sector.”
The Western Cape leads the adoption of CA in South Africa. Today, producers manage 51% of all cultivated open-field crops according to CA principles.
CA is one of the priority projects in the SmartAgri plan, the first provincial sector plan to ensure a resilient agricultural sector in the face of challenges posed by climate change.
“We also have strong leaders in CA production, who will be able to host the practical days and possible post-conference tours. Agriculture is leading the economic recovery in South Africa. We will welcome the world leaders in conservation agriculture to Cape Town and the Western Cape,” concludes Meyer.