African Horse Sickness detected in Cederberg

African Horse Sickness detected in Cederberg

Following the discovery of five suspected cases of African Horse Sickness (AHS) on a farm within the Cederberg Local Municipal area the Western Cape Provincial Veterinary Laboratory confirms that samples from a recent death tested positive for the AHS virus’s presence.
A preliminary outbreak-controlled area which includes the Cederberg Local Municipality has now been established. The borders are:
• An eastern border delineated by the border between the Western Cape Province and the Northern Cape Province.
• A western border delineated by the Atlantic Ocean.
• A northern border following the existing AHS protection zone border

  • from the Atlantic Ocean (between Cape Donkin and Lamberts Bay)
  • crossing the N7 4.5 km south of Trawal and indicated by an AHS controlled area signboard
  • following the Cederberg local municipality border east along the Doring river until the Northern Cape/Western Cape boundary

• A southern border following the Cederberg Local Municipality border.

  • east from the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 14.5km south of Elandsbaai
  • linking to the N7 at the western base of the Piekenierskloof pass
  • following the N7 to the R303 at Citrusdal
  • following the R303 for approximately 19km to the Middelberg mountains to link back to the southern border of the Cederberg Local Municipality and to extend east to the border between the Western Cape Province and the Northern Cape Province.
    No equines (horses, donkeys, zebras) will be allowed to move out of, into, through or within the outbreak-controlled area without a permit issued by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s Veterinary Services.
    All forms and permit applications concerning the outbreak controlled area can be obtained and submitted to
    Enquiries can be directed to the state veterinarian responsible for the Cederberg municipal area and the current AHS outbreak-controlled area Dr Chanel Lombard on 027 213 3106 or email

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