Benefits of indoor tanning

Benefits of indoor tanning

There is a new kid in town…Gleam Sunbed Studio in Malmesbury, run by owner Chantal Taljaard.
Just in time for the beginning of summer and for your matric dance!
Having a perfect, bronze tan all year long is something most women (and some men) dream about. Thanks to modern sunless tanning technologies, this dream can easily come true for all you bronze-hue craving people who feel comfortable showing some skin.
According to many beauty experts, sunless tanning looks much better and is actually much healthier for your skin than being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

  1. It Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer
    Although it might sound a bit odd, sunless tanning does reduce the risk of cancer development.
    Yes, UV rays are notorious for having a plethora of harmful effects on the human body – they promote abnormal cell growth and are known to kill the cells in our organism. However, since one of the major benefits of indoor tanning is also the boost of vitamin D (more on this below), sunless tanning can actually reduce the risk of the following cancers:
    Breast cancer
    But how exactly does indoor tanning reduce the risk of skin cancer?
    It all comes down to the amount of time spent exposed to UV rays.
    Compared to outdoor tanning, indoor tanning techniques are much faster and require less time for your body to be exposed to UV rays.
    Plus, with regular sun tanning, there’s always the possibility to spend hours and hours in the sun, without even being aware of the repercussions. Whether you fall asleep on the beach, or you lose track of time playing sports, your skin gets much more sun exposure than it is recommended.
    This doesn’t happen in tanning beds or in spray on tanning booths, so the risk of burning your skin is much lower, but you DO get all the benefits of regular tanning.
    Always make sure you follow whatever guidelines you get from sunless tanning technicians, regardless of whether you are opting for spray-on tans or tanning beds. The majority of salons and companies have policies and a set of rules that you need to follow. Some of them include:

Use tanning beds only once per day
Don’t use tanning beds more than twice a week
If you are a first-timer, your first tanning session shouldn’t last more than seven minutes
Use goggles
Avoid tyrosine-based tanning accelerators
Avoid tanning enhancers/tingles or pills
Do not exfoliate your skin just before your spray-on tanning session.
Contact Chantall on 082 324 7593 to make your appointment at Gleam Sunbed Studio in Piet Retief Street, Malmesbury. They are running an opening special where you only pay R250 for 10 sessions!

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