Big dreams for Lil Mo the dancer

Big dreams for Lil Mo the dancer

At the age of 6, Moheigurn Cleophas, hurt his right leg so badly in a freak accident, that there was no hope of him regaining the use of it again.

After multiple operations and months in hospital the doctors could repair most of the damage, but believed that he would always walk with a limp.
His parents, Morné and Shireen Cleophas were just happy that he didn’t lose the use of his leg completely.
His mom shares that when they finally removed the cast it was with great anticipation as well as anxiety, because they were prepared for the worst.
It was a great relief though when it seemed that there was no problem with his mobility, but an even greater relief, as well as a shock, when Moheigurn actually started dancing right there, after the doctor removed the cast.
Shireen smiles as she shares this and mentions that he hasn’t stopped dancing since.
‘Little Mo’, as he calls himself, clearly has dancing in his blood. Now age 12, he has taught himself everything he knows, through watching dance videos.
He shyly admits though, that it would be really awesome, if he could get formal training or some form of mentorship in the art of dance.
When asked to show off his dance moves, he lacks no confidence and it is this confidence and dedication that caught the eye of musician and recording artist, Omarion.
Originally from Swaziland, Omarion has been in the music industry since 2007 and studied music at school in Zambia.
He has already collaborated with various artists and this is the fifth music video he has recorded under his record label ‘Masive Music’.
It is evident that Omarion has a strong work ethic and he stresses the importance of education.
He mentions that he plans on featuring Moheigurn regularly in his videos, but also points out that Moheigurn’s first priority, at this moment, is to focus on his schoolwork.
This said, it is quite clear that ‘Little Mo’ has big dreams and with his natural dance ability the sky will definitely be the limit.
The music video, ‘Day by Day’, will officially be released on the 25th of October 2021 on social media platforms.

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