Body alignment practitioner now in Malmesbury

Charné McQuire always preferred a healthy lifestyle. She recalls making calculated decisions, with regards to her health, from an early age, attributing it to her mother.
It was however, only in her late thirties that she decided to take holistic living to a whole other level, by enrolling for a course in body alignment therapy in 2017…
‘Body alignment is the optimal placement of body parts so that the bones are efficiently used, and the muscles would have to do less work, for the same effect.
When muscles are tense, it pulls on vertebrae and skeletal joints and our bones could become misaligned. The build-up of stress in our bodies is a perfect example.
Body alignment therapy therefore stimulates the muscle to relax, as well as heal and unravel the tension stored in deep layers of the muscle tissue’.
… At that time, due to a full-time job and young family, she opted for doing a beginners course, promising herself that she would do the advanced course in the near future.
In 2019 Charné finally took that bold step, by resigning from her job, to pursue her dream. But life usually takes its own course, and is often filled with unexpected surprises, as the year 2020 proved.
With everything being placed on hold again, due to the lockdown, she started doing research with regards to natural medicine. Mostly, because she wanted to use this time constructively.
Her passion for healthy living is so deeply rooted though, that she started a business, ‘Abundant Health’, in partnership with her husband, during this period.
The products, offered by ‘Abundant Life’, only contain natural ingredients and ranges from supplements, essential oils, skincare as well as a range for athletes.
There is thus much truth in the saying: ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’… or perhaps it has two.
Charné recently completed the advanced course in body alignment therapy, as well as her training.
The excitement is evident while she explains what benefits body alignment therapy has, as well as the importance of optimizing our body-and brain communication. As this assists with the healing of the body, and reassures that the body, mind and soul re-connects.
Therefore, it would be truly beneficial to have our bodies aligned on a regular basis.
If you would like to book a therapy session, you can contact Charné on 061 515 8052 between 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.
A session will vary between 45 minutes to an hour and costs R250 per session with an additional R100 as a call-out fee.
A permanent studio for therapy is on the cards in the near future.
Charné is currently running a Mother’s Day Special until the 9th of May.
*A body alignment therapy session or a voucher at R199. (The voucher will be valid for 2 months).