Chatsworth NGO makes a difference

The ‘Muslim Youth and Welfare Organization’ is a social welfare organization based in Chatsworth that focuses on the feeding and social needs within the community.
On Sunday,14 November 2021, this organization made a huge difference in the life of little Jehaan Jansen, who turned 9, on Monday past.
Jehaan was born with cerebral palsy and has various other underlying conditions which causes severe developmental delays.
Last year Jehaan’s brand new wheelchair was stolen and because her parents were still paying it off, they couldn’t afford to get another new one, but had to replace it with a secondhand one.
This wheelchair was now literally falling apart and was restricting Jehaan’s mobility.
The Muslim Youth and Welfare organization saw the need and decided to surprise Jehaan and her parents by gifting her with a new wheelchair for her birthday.
In addition to that, they also arranged a birthday party for her, where they could do the presentation.
The founder and coordinator, mr. Abduragmaan Fataar, started this organization 20 years ago and shares that Chatsworth, after all these years, is still greatly underdeveloped and lacks a lot of social needs.
This community has a high rate of unemployment, yet, these families
has to eat.
Apart from the struggles faced on a daily basis, COVID-19 came and just added more challenges.
He mentions that during this period they were pushed to the limit, but managed to feed up to 800 people.
Their modus operandi is to see a need and then try to fill it, to the best of their ability.
He wishes to thank all those that so kindly make donations and are always willing to assist.
The ‘Muslim Youth and Welfare Society’ is a registered organization and is situated in 1078 Hopefield Street, Chatsworth.
For donations or queries people are welcome to contact Abduragmaan on 073 525 1669 or can send an email to: