Collge Month celebrated at West Coast College

The 2021 Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College Month was launched at West Coast TVET College, Malmesbury Campus on Tuesday, 3 August.
Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Mr Buti Manamela, MP, did the honors and delivered a keynote address to members of the public and high school learners from grade 9 to 12 from the Malmesbury Local Municipality.
TVET Month is an annual event which was launched in 2014 by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).
The aim is to introduce and encourage high school learners and those that are not currently studying, employed or in training, to enroll in vocational education and training and take up careers available in TVET Colleges.
Deputy Minister Manamela stressed the importance of higher education and how essential it is that our young adults as well as our youth should be equipped for the future.
Since TVET Colleges focus on skills development and offer shorter studying programmes, it should be one of the top contenders when young people consider furthering their education or vocational training.
The fact that students do not need a matric certificate to empower themselves and can enroll at a TVET College directly after grade 9 is another plus that should be taken into consideration.
This could save young adults a tremendous amount of time, especially when there is certainty about which vocation they would like to focus on.
The goal should however always be that students finish their matric certificate, but parents should also be aware that there are other options to choose from.
It is key at TVET Colleges to implement the best possible environment for young people to excel and there are various social spaces available that allow them to grow on all levels.
Government’s aim is to invest and implement all the necessary stepping stones at TVET Colleges, bringing it to its full potential.
Currently there are 250 TVET College campuses nationwide with 43 of them located in the Western Cape.
Offering a wide variety of programmes that include hairdressing, plumbing and motor mechanics.
During the month of August all public TVET Colleges will conduct various activities, including but not limited to, having direct and online engagements with the youth.
There will also be open days under strict lockdown regulations for the 2021 TVET Month under the theme: “Youth united for access to quality education, improved student health services and employability”.