De Vries gives back for the greater good

De Vries gives back for the greater good

Jason de Vries, now age 30, knows what it’s like to feel lost and insecure with no stability.
From a very young age he would move from place to place with his family, being exposed to heartache and hardship.
At the age of 16, Jason was forced to leave his mother’s house when her boyfriend refused to accept her children and he ended up sleeping on the streets.
Even though life was very hard at that point, he managed to get work at a spray painting business, where, from that tender age, he was able to learn and acquire spray painting and panel beating as a skill.
Jason wanted to better his life and by staying focused, he managed to find a shelter and later moved into a flat.
Due to the hard life that he was exposed to, he always had a soft spot for those less fortunate.
His giving nature was however tested during lockdown, which was implemented on the 27th of March 2020, when he lost his job.
He reached out and posted on social media and was very blessed when a total stranger, Mr. Rodney Michaels, donated money which Jason could use to buy food parcels for families in need during that time.
But apart from feeding those less fortunate, Jason also fosters and provides a safe house for children in need of care.
He is the founder of the organization, ‘Life Changers’, which helps these children to find some stability, care and support when they need it most.
Jason initially started out providing a safe house for 2 to 3 children, but at any given time, it can become as many as 11.
This is not on a long term basis though and it breaks his heart to eventually see them leave but, he makes sure that when they do, their safety is secured.
When asked what the reward is from doing all this, he shyly mentions that he never knew how it feels to be loved when he was growing up.
Now he experiences love every day.
Complete strangers showing him love and appreciation because he takes the time and effort to show them that he cares.
Jason candidly shares that this is no easy task.
Financially, it is extremely difficult to meet all the needs that often manifests.
And since he cannot always depend on the good nature of sponsors he has now started a small catering business as well.
Mostly specializing in roti’s, akni and gatsby’s.
The road that he chose is not an easy one and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted, but this is the road that Jason believes was set out for him.
Though it may be challenging, he has never thought of giving up.
His vision is to provide a better future for all those that he was entrusted with to keep safe and to also feed as many people as possible that’s in need of a meal.
‘Life Changers’ would welcome donations such as books, stationary, clothes, shoes or toys.
People can also donate second hand cooking equipment such as fryers to help establish his catering business.
For more information with regards to the organization, ‘Life Changers’ (Ref: 258-568 NPO) or to make a donation, please feel free to contact Jason on 065 919 8397 or email:

*For more information on fostering children that’s in need of a safe house people can contact the department of social development.
A social worker will get into contact with the interested parties where an application can be made.
This information will then be registered on a database where after the department will get into contact with the applicant as soon as the application has been processed.

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