Dining with D at Huiswinkels

Its that time again, time for us to visit a local institution that is filled with the most amazing goodies.
This week we visited Huiswinkels in Biccard Street.
When you enter the store you are immediately met with big smiles and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. We decided to sit on the stoep overlooking Biccard Street and the local court, with it being cloudy and overcast it was still very cozy on the stoep.
Of course we opted for Hot Chocolate due to the cold weather and then totally having our binge for the day.
Taking a walk through the rest of Huiswinkels you are totally overwhelmed by the Deli section of the store, from croissants to pancake mix in a bottle then moving on to the other amazing goods that are for sale. Beautiful leather products to kiddies goods can be seen and bought at Huiswinkels. There are also some amazing and beautiful paintings that can be purchased.
We must also not forget the freshly baked bread and pastries that are available as well.
Huiswinkels has a weekly menu that can be viewed on their Facebook page and can be ordered beforehand, there was some Curry and rice available when we were there and the smell was enough for us to want to take the whole pot and just want to jump in with a spoon.
While you are at Huiswinkels you can also visit one of the tenants that specialize in Body Alignment that can assist in restoring the body’s natural healing abilities.
We sat chatting while enjoying our hot chocolate, we then decided to order a breakfast tramezinni with chips as we would be running around for the rest of the day so we would work off the calories from our visit. Our order arrived and was made with such love, the eggs made exactly as we asked and plated with such beauty.
Of course, we enjoyed our time at Huiswinkels so much that we lost track of time and then had to make a mad dash to get to our next appointment, as we ran out to pay our bill we noticed some biscuits close to the counter and naturally we had to take some with for later, Chocolate Romany Creams, OMG – total “died and gone to heaven” moment!
Naturally, Huiswinkels scores FIVE-STARS on our scale of fabulousness.
You can visit Huiswinkels at 10 Biccard Street, Malmesbury.
Their hours are 08h00 to 18h00, Monday to Friday and 08h00 to 15h00 on a Saturday, or you can call them on 022 487 2000 or visit their website – www.huiswinkels.co.za and of course you can see all the amazing things that they are making on their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Huiswinkels