Dining with Mr D at Gung Taai May

Dining with Mr D at Gung Taai May

In the heart of Malmesbury, on the corner of St Francis Street and Bokomo Road, you’ll find a hidden gem – a Chinese restaurant called Gung Taai May.

I just had to try it out, since I have a 16 year old Chinese food fanatic in the house.
We have nothing to loose, so give it a go!
I got their number off Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to see that you can order via WhatsApp.
I save the number in my contacts and sent my order.
Within seconds I got two blue ticks and soon after I received a friendly reply.
My order was placed faster than I could have done it over the phone!
Shortly afterwards I received the confirmation that my order was ready for pickup.
So, off we went.
The shop is welcoming, the atmosphere is warm and the faces that greet you, friendly.
The smell alone is enough to make your tummy growl of hunger.
At home I could not open the take-away box fast enough – with the 16 year old hovering behind me and reminding me that I need to hurry, because he is hungry.
I opened the boxes and was amazed at the portions.
It was much more that I could ever expect and definitely enough to feed a hungry teen.
The aromas, the taste, the texture, everything just combined into a culinary experience that is needed to experience again.
The beef was succulent, the noodles cooked to perfection, the veggies just the right consistency.
With every fork-full, it was just another flavour explosion in my mouth that left me wanting more.
Believe me, Gung Taai May will definitely see this family again and therefore they receive 5 stars!

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