Guus takes to the road

Guus van Veen is a cyclist that does not hold back when it comes to challenging himself.
This 23 year old, from the Netherlands, has cycled his way across 2 continents and we were privileged to touch base with him and talk about his incredible journey, thus far.
He is quite modest about this accomplishment and he comes across as a shy, young man, but his confidence and passion shines through.
The idea of embarking on this epic adventure already started 3 years ago.
Guus slowly started saving up, while putting everything in place. Which included preparing his parents, as he is an only child.
He eventually quit his job in the military, and on the 4th of July, 2020 he cycled away from his home towards the South of Europe.
What stands out is the fact that he started this journey amidst a global pandemic, while most countries were in lockdown and borders were closed.
When asked about the difficulties and challenges this must have brought about, Guus smiles and admits that many luxuries known to man he can live without.
He is however constantly humbled by the kindness and selflessness of strangers, as he was fed and taken care of by many people, regardless of their race or religion and they never expected anything in return.
To him, this is proof that love still guides the human spirit, but adds, on a more serious note, that this way of traveling is not for the fainthearted.
When asked how he ended up in Malmesbury, Guus smiles and talks about how he met local resident, Paul Minnaar, while the latter was on holiday with family.
They instantly clicked and after spending some time with the family, they were kind enough to invite him to their home, in Malmesbury, once he reached Cape Town.
He is extremely grateful and thankful for their kindness and hospitality, and confesses that this is the longest period of time that he has spent, in one place, as a stopover.
On Thursday, 9 September 2021, Guus continued his journey as he started cycling towards Namibia.
He plans on making stops in Angola, Congo and the DRC, before he starts his journey home again.
It could take him almost a year before he’ll finally be back in the Netherlands.
We wish you well on the next half of your adventure, Guus.