How an insecurity became a strength

After being left in financial ruin by her second husband, Samantha Samuels (44), had no other alternative, but to find an additional source of income. As a single mother she had to quickly find her feet, despite feeling like an emotional wreck.
It was during this journey, that she had to face her fears and overcome all the insecurities that previously held her back.
As a sales representative, Samantha always had to look her best.
Meeting clients and doing sales pitches was the norm. The one thing that, however, often sabotaged her confidence, was her hair. Struggling to keep it in place and maintaining that professional look.
Already suffering from a low self esteem and the constant worry of having to find an extra income, lead to her anxiety levels increasing.
While on social media one day, she stumbled upon an advertisement about brazilian hair treatments.
This piqued her curiosity and she decided to do more research.
Finding that a brazilian hair treatment was a semi-permanent hair smoothing method, done by temporarily sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron.
*This treatment creates a protective layer around each strand of hair, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle, and protects it against external damage.
When Samantha read this, she immediately realized that this might be the solution to her constant hair dilemma.
Little did she know how costly and time consuming it would actually be when doing it through salons that specialized in this. Yet, the results were worth it.
Motivated to find a cheaper way of doing it, she bought the products needed and started doing her own hair.
Time and patience were on her side, and after a few months she also started doing brazilian hair treatments for family and close friends.
They were all impressed and in 2015 she decided to do this on a part time basis, as an extra income.
Within a year Samantha was so busy, and had built up such a huge client base, that she could quit her day job and do this full time.
To provide her with additional knowledge, as well as the necessary credentials, she did an extensive hairdressing course at ‘Hair Aid Academy’ in Parow. She, however, only specializes in hair treatments.
Her passion for this is evident, and is proven by the fact that she travels and provides this service, in the comfort of your home.
This perk has proven to be an attraction and it compliments her reasonable price structure.
Recently she also added after care products as well as top of the range heat styling equipment to her résumé.
She laughs when reflecting on how an insecurity motivated her and eventually became a strength.
Samantha has a natural love for interacting with others and when given the opportunity, she will try to motivate and encourage. She has also provided training for many young girls already, in the form of apprenticeships.
Helping them to eventually become independent and self-sufficient. For more information or to book an appointment with Samantha you can contact her on: 073 237 4801 or 078 859 6996