Le Minnie Attorneys:
Bringing legal services to the community

What began as a law firm focusing on mainly criminal and family law, has expanded in the past three years to serve the community in which they are based. This is the story of growth of Le Minnie Attorneys, lead by advocate Ilza le Minnie.
“It has been an interesting 3 years and although we started focusing mainly on criminal law and family law matters, the needs of the community which we serve has seen us grow to all areas of law. We started with client’s in the Malmesbury, Atlantis, Moorreesburg and surrounding towns however now frequently tend to matters in Vredenburg, Cape Town and Somerset West Courts. Our client base has also grown to include clients from China, United States of America, United Kingdom to name a few. At the outset our goal was to grow into a boutique firm servicing a bundle of legal solutions within 5 years, however that transition was done within 18 months. We have also had a number of students doing job shadowing at the firm as well as offering advise too matriculant who want to pursue a degree in law. We have committed ourselves to supporting the West Coast College Intern program and currently have our second intern completing her internship with us.”
The firm is proud to be recognized by the community of the Swartland.
“. We were open for 6 months in 2019 and were recognised as a finalist in the Malmesbury Sakekamer service provider of the year competition in the Small business category and again were placed 3rd in 2020 in the Medium Category and in the individual category in 2021 the director, Ilza Le Minnie, was placed in 5th place. This is a true testament to the faith of the community of Malmesbury to the work being delivered by our firm.”
Challenges along the road were many, but nothing that could not be overcome.
“The challenges faced over the last while would be similar to all other businesses. We were only open for 1 year when the COVID Lockdown was enforced and all the challenges that came therewith. We were however able to quickly adjust to a hybrid working arrangement and saw the requests for telephonic and video consultation grow substantial and that is why we are still offering that option today. The lockdown has also caused a considerable delay in all spheres of law our courts, Master’s Office, deeds Office etc, however through innovative solutions, we are able to approach our stakeholders to ensure our client’s matters are resolved without further delay.”
In the next five years, the directors want to grow the firm and go into the community and provide more pro-bono services and ensure that the community has access to legal services.
They are also focused on reinvesting into the community and their partnership with the Daisies Women’s rugby club of Malmesbury and want to expand their support in the community.
Another aspect that is a priority is to expand the free wills programme which is available all year round and not just during Wills week.
So, why then choose Le Minnie Attorneys Inc?
“The world is changing daily and the old way of doing law is fast fading away, even the courts have electronic systems for the uploading of pleadings.
The old system of leaving messages with secretaries and awaiting faxes are long gone and our firm strives in being accessible to our clients in this technologically advanced legal system.
We ensure that our clients have direct access to our attorneys to enable them to get up to date updates on their matters and no longer have to wait for a letter in the mail.
We have a range of cost effective solutions to enable all clients from all walks of life to be able to afford quality and professional legal services.
There is no need to have different attorneys or firms to handle varying issues you may face as we are a ONE STOP LEGAL SOLUTION.”
Contact the firm on 022 001 0091 or send a WhatsApp to 061 982 4437.