Mayor Cleophas breathes life into promises

In his inaugural speech, Executive Mayor Harold Cleophas promised to launch a program that will help clean problem areas in our towns and employ 120 people from across the Swartland region.
This EPWP (Extended Public Works Programme) has now been successfully launched with 106 of the 120 appoints already working. When the last of the vacancies have been filled, every ward will have 10 people who will assist the municipality with keeping our towns clean.
Funding for EPWP-projects is provided for annually by the National Government and allows municipalities to employ temporary staff to aid and support in service delivery.
The EPWP team will be employed for 8 months. The municipality provides every person with the necessary protective clothing and gear. Although this is temporary employment, it provides an income for unemployed residents, as well as an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, that could help in getting permanent employment later.
Mayor Cleophas visited and met with all the teams to thank them for their work and to ask them to help the Municipality create cleaner and safer environments for all our residents. He pressed upon every person how fortunate they are to have employment in the current economic climate and that it is up to every individual to use the opportunity and make the best of it.
Mayor Cleophas also asked that every person act as ambassador for the municipality and encourage communities to keep their neighbourhoods clean.
Swartland is struggling with the costs and impact of illegal dumping. The deployment of the EPWP teams will assist in cleaning problem spots. We do however need the teams to be the eyes and ears of the municipality to prevent and report illegal dumping so that the municipality can act swiftly against the perpetrators.
“The performance and success of these teams will be continuously monitored. It is up to every individual to make a success of this opportunity. We cannot and will not waste time or money with people who are unwilling to work.
“But for those who show willingness and dedication, opportunities for long term employment may be a real possibility”, the Mayor said.