New homeowners receive title deeds

Executive Mayor, Harold Cleophas, handed over 24 houses to new beneficiaries in the De Hoop Housing Project. Over the past two months Swartland Municipality has handed over 70 houses. Many of the beneficiaries have waited for more than two decades for a house, a place that belongs to them and they can call their own.
“It has not been an easy road to get to here and even now, we are faced with challenges. That is why it is critically important that every new resident take ownership and commit themselves to taking care of their house and community”, said Mayor Cleophas. Mayor Cleophas also emphasised that this is the only opportunity these beneficiaries will get. If they sell it or trade it in any way, they will not qualify for a second opportunity. Beneficiaries are not allowed to sell their properties in the first eight years of receiving it.
For many beneficiaries, the handover was a very emotional day. For Magdalena Solomons and Josephine Turner, receiving their homes was a particularly significant. Both ladies have waited more than 20 years for a property to call their own. Mrs Turner, 81, said she cannot wait to move her furniture in and have her children and grandchildren visit. A very emotional Mrs Solomons said that receiving her own house was particularly important as she lost her husband a year ago due to COVID.
The Municipality is currently in the first phase of the De Hoop housing project. During the first phase 395 houses will be built. It is the Municipality’s priority to move beneficiaries in as soon as the houses are complete, to avoid illegal occupation and vandalism.
“Take pride in your new house and your community and please take care of your house. There are no second chances for receiving another house. Housing will continue to be a challenge and as we move forward our resources will be restricted. National and Provincial government has indicated on several occasions that the provision of houses will have to change in the future, so take care and invest into what you are getting today” said Mayor Cleophas.
The next handover of houses is schedule for the end of June.