New mayor with big plans for Swartland

On Tuesday, 16 November 2021, the new mayor of the Swartland municipal area was inaugurated.
Originally from Darling and previously mayor of the West Coast District Municipality, the honorable Harold Cleophas, lacks no experience and has a long resumé.
His impeccable work ethic is admirable and through his speech it was clear that he’s got major plans and changes in store for this municipal area, that he will be serving for the next five years.
The challenges are real and in any municipal district you will often find, that some need more urgent attention than others.
High on the new mayor’s list is local economic development which will focus on the unemployment problem that our municipal area is facing.
Mentioning in his speech that proposals, to help with this issue, are expected to be handed in by councillors at the end of February 2022.
The youth and elderly are also a priority, emphasising that programs need to be put in place to assist and address the needs of these two groups. Another factor that is held in high regard in Malmesbury, is cleanliness, and residents can rest assured that this, including infrastructure, fixing of roads, will definitely receive attention over the next 5 years.
It was emphasized by the mayor that Swartland municipality will be spending money where it needs to be spent.