Passion for fitness changes her life

They say that dynamite comes in small packages. Cathleen Manuel (36), mother of 3, are one of those people that can be defined as such.
Her journey to fitness wasn’t easy though and is a portrayal of hard work and dedication.
After an emotional and devastating divorce in 2014 she decided to re-evaluate her life and take back control.
The distress of her failed marriage, as well as being more than 10kg overweight, played a huge role in this decision, but it also took a lot of courage and willpower to make that change.
She always had a passion for health and fitness, but only in 2016 Cathleen could reclaim this love again.
Taking it one step at a time and by first regaining her own self-confidence. She slowly, but surely started her new journey that led to where she is today.
While sharing her story, it is quite evident that her passion for fitness and exercise runs deep.
Cathleen believes that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and that this connection is the key to a much happier life.
That good old fashion exercise, together with eating healthy, will help you put body, mind and spirit in sync again.
She also explains that, not only can you use exercise to reconnect with yourself, but you can also use it to connect with other women.
You’re getting all of these benefits, as part of a group that uplifts, while setting your own fitness goals and reaching it in your own time.
Cathleen had to face many challenges and even though the road was a difficult one, she was blessed in finding love again.
With a supportive husband she was able to start her own health and fitness classes, branded as ‘Fitness Fanatics’ in 2018.
Her vision is to do this on a full time basis, but at the moment Cathleen is content with just fulfilling her passion.
These fitness classes are for both men and women and include the following: general fitness, which covers H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training), bodyweight, cardio, pulse training, bootcamps as well as aerobics classes, which she added to her program recently.
An additional perk is her online classes, which started during lockdown, but has become so popular that it’s now one of the options available. These online classes consist of 12 workout videos and it also includes a meal plan. Specially designed for those with hectic work schedules, yet giving them the option to work out while in the comfort of their own home and at their own time.
‘Fitness Fanatics’ classes are at the VPC Church Building in Hoogstreet, Malmesbury and are as follows:
Monday & Tuesday: General fitness (18h15 – 19h00)
Tuesday & Thursday: Aerobics (18h15 -19h00)
*Covid Protocols are in place and start from 18h00.
Workout packages available:
4 sessions per week at R250 a month
2 sessions per week at R200 a month
or R30 a session for those who can only join when available.
For more information on how to become a member of ‘Fitness Fanatics’ or to join Cathleen’s online classes you can contact her on 083 787 1232.