Service and delivery with a smile at Beep A Delivery

Difficult times can make or break you and for Eurica Noeth and Annelize Heymans it was the difficult times that forced them to think out of the box and grow their own delivery service.
In 2019 Noeth and Heymans received The Service Excellence Award from the Restaurant Association of South Africa. This award showcases what they stand for and how they do business.
“Honesty, Service Excellence, and Integrity – this is our values.
“We sold our fast-food Outlet in KZN end 2019 and relocated to Paarl to open a coffee shop, we never knew what lay ahead, fires on the mountains at Du Toitskloof Pass and shortly after that the lockdown was announced, we were facing some very difficult times.
“After Level 4 rules and regulations was laid down, we registered our existing company Beep A Delivery as an Essential Service provider through CIPC. We could now provide a service to the community, not only fast food but also grocery deliveries.”
They registered this company in 2019 to deliver for their own restaurant as they were in an area where there was no delivery service on the South Coast of Natal at that time.
“We needed an app, made contact with an app designer and started the process of getting the App for Google Play Store, (Android and Windows platforms).
“At that time, we focused on only two platforms. Apple users could access our apps through a QR scanner and still order online.
“In July 2020 we moved all our apps from one platform account over to our own reseller’s platform. The same app, same features but now we were in full control, and we were still providing the support as we did from the start.
“We have identified 130 towns as franchise app areas. They sell for as little as R5 000 and up to R 45 000, full support from Head office is given and each Franchise owner will sign up his/her own restaurants and list Businesses in their area on the Directory feature. Local drivers will be employed.”
Each franchise is owner run and therefore they can provide faster service, more control over staff employed as far as image, training, restaurant owner meetings and performance is concerned.
“Our image is very important to us – uniforms, masks, name badges and food delivery bags are given to drivers. Each driver will be doing customer service training on a quarterly basis.
The Beep A Delivery team has been in the restaurant industry for 29 years, working for various brands, hotel, food and beverage management, conferences for people like Ms Patricia De Lill, project management for 5 star restaurants and endless training on customer service and industrial relations.
“We hope to connect and build relationships to better small business growth.”
The duo also want to assist where they can, therefore making a difference in their community through making their franchise concept available to people needing an income with minimum capital layout.
“People who are very much able and capable to grow their franchise into a delivery service to be reckoned with, create jobs for food drivers working for us and sub-contracting and working for themselves.”
They currently have 15 franchises across South Africa and is growing steadily. If you would like to list your business with Beep A Delivery, contact them for fast and efficient service.
“We do any delivery from food to pharmacies, groceries, through the app and manually.”
Noeth has already made contact with quite a few businesses in the area and Roman’s Pizza Malmesbury, Spur as well as Pacinos Pizza is now available on their platform for speedy delivery.
Contact Noeth on 067 754 7802 for more information.