SM turns focus to careers

As part of the focus of Swartland Municipality on creating opportunities for the local youth, they, in partnership with the Cape Career Exhibition Association (CCEA), hosted a week of Career Exhibitions at the various high schools in the Malmesbury area.
Due to COVID-19 the annual exhibition for career guidance and information could not take place. This year however, all stakeholders welcomed back this informative session that presents career information, options and guidance to grade 9 to 12 learners. This year they also changed tactics and hosted the sessions at all the various high schools in Malmesbury including, Schoonspruit Secondary School, Swartland High School and Illingelethu High School. All the CCEA participants set up stalls and had representatives on site to speak to learners about their interests and options for tertiary education and career choices.
Various colleges and other educational and training institutions form part of the CCEA and learners were excited to learn about options available to them once they have completed school.
“Career guidance is a critical part of education and the creation of job opportunities for the youth. Making an informed choice you feel passionate about is crucial to ensure you complete your tertiary studies successfully. Young people often make career choices without fully understanding what their chosen career choice entails, how to achieve it or where to find work once they have completed their education. Providing a wide variety of options at the career exhibition gives learners an opportunity to research and talk to people who have practical experience and who can offer them good advice about possible career paths.”
Learners at all the schools made excellent use of the opportunity to engage with all the stakeholders present. They walked away with lots of useful information that they can consider with their friends, teachers and family as they prepare for the future.
Career guidance is often an afterthought, but for Swartland Municipality it is a crucial part in creating and informing the youth about the options available to them. “We are proud to be able to provide assistance to our younger residents and to present them with the opportunity to help plan a bright future.”