Swartland clamps down on illegal dumping

“Illegal dumping is a serious issue all municipalities in South Africa are faced with. In fact, it is a global problem challenging authorities across the world and costing them millions of rands annually to address. The money spent on addressing illegal dumping can be put to much better use in the service of our communities and residents.”
This according to a spokesperson of the Swartland Municipality.
That is why Swartland Municipality is stepping up the fight against illegal dumping with increased law enforcement operations, the issuing of fines as well as the deployment of specially appointed EPWP teams to help clean our communities.
Executive Mayor, Harold Cleophas, recently visited problem areas in Ward 3 (Riebeek Wes) and Ward 12 (Riebeek Kasteel) as part of the Siyamamela (We Listen) project, to see and experience the problem first-hand.
Mayor Cleophas, accompanied by the Municipal Manager, Joggie Scholtz, the ward councilors and members of the Mayoral Committee and administration discussed possible causes and solutions to the dumping issues.
The neighbourhoods in question receive the same level of service as the rest of the municipality with weekly solid waste removal services and the issuing of garbage bags to indigent households.
To better understand the problem, the Executive Mayor and Municipal Manager has decided to investigate the matter and to constructively engage with communities where dumping is a problem, to better understand the issue and to deploy workable and economically sustainable solutions.
Law enforcement will also be deployed to patrol problem areas.
A successful operation in Riebeek Kasteel has already resulted in one person being fined for illegal dumping, while two additional fines were issued for illegal diversion of electricity from the main supply and an unauthorised connection of an electrical installation to supply mains.
Our Law Enforcement unit will work closely with the community to catch or track down individuals responsible for illegal dumping.
The Municipality has also deployed EPWP teams in every ward for the next eight months to help clean public spaces.
This will also be reinforced with an information campaign about illegal dumping to create awareness in our communities about the negative health and environment effects and financial costs of illegal dumping.
“Clean communities are essential for dignified living and the cooperation of every resident is essential. I call on every resident to help be our eyes and ears and to report illegal dumping immediately. Take photos and send it to the municipality. You can even report the perpetrators anonymously, but please do not just sit back and let it happen. Addressing illegal dumping successfully will allow us to have more funds available for other pressing service delivery needs in our communities.”, said Cleophas.
Residents who want to report illegal dumping can call the Swartland Municipality on 022 487 9400. They can also send an email and/or photos to swartlandmun@swartland.org.za. Please provide as much detail of the perpetrators as possible.