Swartland invests in its people

Swartland Municipality is committed to the development and growth of all our employees. The Municipality does this by providing employees with every possible opportunity for growth and excellence. The success of each individual however, depends on their willingness to use the opportunities provided. Louis Mbongo is one such an individual that has put every opportunity to good use and who we are proud to have as part of the Swartland Municipality family.
Louis (36) is the newly appointed process controller at the Darling Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW). He has been working at the Municipality for almost 12 years. Louis began his career with the Municipality in the Parks and Recreation Division and transferred to the WWTW in 2014.
The Municipality continuously makes opportunities for learning and higher education available to employees and Louis decided to grab the opportunity with both hands. While working full time at the Municipality, he completed his NQF 2, 4 and 5 diplomas.
By continuing his education, Louis equipped himself with skills that made it possible for him to apply for the process controller position, when it became available.
Upon his appointment as process controller in Darling, Louis, who lives in Ilinge Lethu, made a special trip to Joggie Scholtz’s (Municipal Manager) office to thank him and the Swartland Municipality for providing him with the opportunity to further his education and career. Scholtz thanked Louis for his dedication to the Municipality and praised him as an excellent example of what can be achieved by hard work and using every available opportunity. Scholtz said: “Louis is an inspiration and example of the hard working people Swartland Municipality wants to attract and invest in. Investment in our employees is a priority and it benefits the Municipality and our communities.” .
Mayor Harold Cleophas also congratulated Louis on his new appointment. “Swartland Municipality believes in the development of our people. It is however the responsibility of every individual to use the opportunities that are available. We believe in all our employees and we continue to provide opportunities for advancement whenever possible, to create a strong and loyal organization focused on serving our communities,” said Cleophas.