The Benefits of Therapeutic Reflexology

The Benefits of Therapeutic Reflexology

Therapeutic reflexology is a holistic complimentary healing therapy, scientifically based and thousands of years old, practiced to bring about balance within the mind, body and spirit. A sense of wellbeing is achieved through an overall feeling of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. In this state an individual can experience a positive attitude, joy of life, a relaxed calm state and clearer thought processes. Achieving these experiences can be a challenge for most people in today’s fast-paced and stressed environment. Sometimes a little help is needed to boost this sense of wellbeing and this is where therapeutic reflexology has been shown to be very beneficial.
Through the stimulation of reflex points on the feet, which map the organs, organ systems and body parts of the whole body, reflexology can improve overall well-being. This treatment stimulates the circulatory system which assists the flushing out of toxins and thereby increasing energy levels. The immune system is boosted and therefore becomes more efficient at fighting harmful invaders. A state of deep relaxation is experienced through the calming of the nervous system which also promotes healthy sleep patterns. Recovery time after injury is improved due to increased blood flow to the area and the removal of lactic acid. Mood is improved due to the ‘happy hormones’ being released which promote a happy and relaxed state of being.
The human body was wonderfully designed to heal itself. Through the regular practice of therapeutic reflexology, one can experience improvement in most health challenges.
A reflexology treatment includes advice on nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques to further enhance a sense of well-being.

To experience the health benefits of therapeutic reflexology please contact Meryl Green on Cell: 082-3264555 – Practice in Malmesbury.

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