What is within? Who am I?

What is within? Who am I?

The response to this question is usually, I am a mom, dad, your profession, man, woman etc.  The truth is, at the very deepest level of “Who Am I?”, the answer is, you are awareness and consciousness. From the moment you were born this is your true state of being. Throughout our lives we choose to play different roles in order to understand who we are and what we choose to be in relation to that which we are not.  The true nature of awareness and consciousness is love. This requires a deep connection to that which is within ourselves, our inner guidance.

I Am

The majestic mountain rising into the sky

The tree firmly rooted in the earth gently swaying in the breeze

The azure blue sky and the emerald green grass

The stillness of the lake, the crashing waves of the ocean

The fragrance of the rose, the shimmering of the desert sand

The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the moon

I Am whatever I choose to Be

Let’s not forget but remember who we truly are. Let’s choose the roles we wish to experience in life with care so that they are a reflection of our highest self.

Create and experience that which brings love and joy foremost to yourself and then let it ripple out and touch all those around you.

We are the divine creation of the Creator.

Love and Light

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