Org de Rac celebrates 20 years of organic wine excellence

Org de Rac celebrates 20 years of organic wine excellence

The award-winning Swartland organic winery, Org de Rac, will this year celebrate its 20th anniversary.
The vision of the late Nico Bacon, who ensured that Org de Rac was committed to organic viticulture since day one, Org de Rac has grown from a fledgling upstart on the Cape wine scene to a major player with solid business in various export markets, as well as over the past few years winning awards for its diverse offering of quality wines.
“I think that a reason for our success is that the ethos of Org de Rac places great quality wine expressing Swartland terroir first and the complementing this offering with the fact that we farm organically and as close to nature as possible,” say Johan Gerber, general manager of Org de Rac.

“It is no use just trying to sell wine on the organic moniker alone. People want quality wine above anything else, and our story says that by farming as close to nature as possible, i.e. organically, the result is healthier vines, producing better grapes for making wines of a delicious quality you can taste in the bottle.”
As part of this year’s 20th anniversary celebrations, Org de Rac is upgrading its hospitality offering.
A new tasting room is being built, away from the winery and an elegantly modern space committed solely to hospitality with a glass front offering stunning views of the Swartland.
“We want people to experience the quality of our wines in a magical environment allowing them to feel at one with this magic wine region that is the Swartland,” says Gerber.
“Day visitors from nearby Cape Town and surrounding towns, as well as travellers on the N7 will now have an amazing wine hospitality centre to stop-off at. Here the serenity of the Swartland can be felt and heard, while the other senses can give themselves over to our offerings of wines, food and local delicacies.”
The celebrations will culminate in food-and-wine experiences in October, the month during which Org de Rac was established in 2001. One event will include a fun run, food stalls and wine-tastings, while the other is to be a more formal evening event. Details to follow!
The revamping and new developments have expanded to our marketing offerings. Therefore we invite all those interested in Org de Rac and its wines to visit our website Here one can gain insights into the farm and our world, as well as find your way to some exciting wine offerings in our on-line store.
This year we are twenty, and about us you’ll hear plenty!

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