Swartland Joernaal

Swartland Joernaal

Day: April 8, 2021

Veiligheid eerste…

Die Swartland Munisipaliteit se wetstoepassers saam met die Weskus Distrik Rampbestuursentrum, het Donderdag die Paasnaweek afgeskop met ‘n grootskaalse padblokkade by die Moorreesburg-weegbrug op die N7.

Aarto Regulations

Motorists need to buckle up for new AARTO regulations
After years of speculation and anticipation, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula gazetted the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) regulations, which were due to be implented earlier this year.
However, South Africa’s new traffic rules and demerit system has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. The new AARTO laws, which aim to remove habitual traffic offenders from South Africa’s roads and highways to make it safer for everyone, is now expected to be phased in from the 1 July 2021.
2020 AARTO Amendments
Motor vehicle owners need to have the particulars of anyone who drives their vehicle.
The new amendments states that anyone who lets anyone else use their vehicle or puts anyone in charge of their vehicle must have the following details: their full names, residential address, postal address and a copy of the person’s ID and/or driver’s licence. Failure to to do this will result in the owner being held liable for any infringement, even if they weren’t behind the wheel.

What happens with company vehicles?
According to the amendments, any company or vehicle owner must complete a specific form (Aarto 27 ) to allow their employers access to their demerit points. This is valid for 12 months. What’s more, companies must also clarify or nominate which drivers are responsible for the infringements while driving a company vehicle- this can be done by completing an Aarto 07 form. If done correctly, the notice against the owner will be withdrawn by the issuing authority and the driver will be charged for the infringement. If not done properly, the owner/company will be issued the notice.

How traffic violations will work under AARTO
For traffic violations, drivers will still be issued a legal notice via registered mail. After 10 days of the notice being issued, it will be assumed that the driver has received it.

The Proposed Demerit System.
The most controversial and divisive aspect of AARTO is the proposed demerit system. In addition to paying fines, drivers, owners or “juristic person who is not the operator”. The latter can be a company, close corporation or anyone who the vehicle is licensed to, and don’t necessarily have an operator’s card.

What Does the Traffic Demerit System Hope to Do?
Although the demerit system was officially signed into law in September 1998, it was delayed indefinitely due to an assessment of human resources required and an analysis of the technological necessities, amongst other reasons. But, while its exact implementation date is still unclear, the AARTO Act aims to:
• promote road traffic quality by providing a system to discourage road traffic contraventions;
• facilitate the adjudication of road traffic infringements;
• support the prosecution of offences in terms of the national and provincial laws relating to road traffic; and
• implement a points demerit system.

How will the South African Traffic Demerit System Work?
All drivers will start with zero points (regardless of the number of classes of vehicle licences held);
Points are allocated according to the severity of infringements or offences committed (points between 1 to 6 will be issued depending on how severe the offence is);
Demerits are assigned to both drivers and cars when a penalty fine for a traffic infringement is paid or when the person is convicted of the offence in court;
When 12 points are exceeded, the driver’s licence will be suspended for a period calculated in months, equal to the number of points exceeding 12, multiplied by three (the Minister of Transport may also prescribe a specific number);
A driver may apply for the return of their licence once the suspension period lapses;
A driver who is disqualified for the third time will lose their licence and will have to reapply for a learners licence and redo their drivers testing after the suspension period lapses;
Should a driver fail to pay fines, they could be blocked from obtaining driving and vehicle licences;
Authorities will now be able to serve documents via email and send reminders via WhatsApp and SMS. Previously, this could only be delivered by registered mail.
Can Demerits Points Be Reduced?
Yes, penalty points will be reduced at a flat rate of one point per every three months.

Can I Challenge the Demerits?
Yes, should you want to dispute the demerit, you can make a representation to the Road Traffic Infringement Agency. If unsuccessful, an appeal can be submitted to a Special Appeals Tribunal. However, the option for offenders to appear in court with hopes of challenging prosecution is no longer available.

Who Can View my Demerit Points?
According to section 33 of Act 46 of 1998, a person may see his or her demerit point history. However, an employer may also access this information, but only after the individual has granted permission.

(Do note: the demerit points aren’t replacing traffic fines but will be allocated in conjunction with them)

Dining with Mister D…

Dining with Mr D at Granny Jeans.
I love supporting local, especially when it comes to coffee shops or local eateries and trust me I love eating!
This week we eventually got around to going to find the lovely and slightly hidden away gem in Malmesbury – Granny Jeans
We were seated outside under the trees and what a setting it is, from the rustic braai in the corner and the chickens walking around, luckily not to close to me as I’m petrified of chickens, to the large table who had just left before we arrived, what a lovely venue.

Once seated, Chef Don, came to take our drinks order and informed us of their specials for the day – Apple Crumble and Scones – we ordered a Cappuccino and a Hot Chocolate – and of course a portion of the Apple Crumble and also a Scone.
We sat chatting and before we knew it our drinks had arrived. The coffee is amazing and the small attention to detail, like the sugar comes in a Baking Powder tin, super cute and a glass of water on the side with the coffee and a marshmallow served with the Hot Chocolate, reminded me of my time while travelling in Italy.
Just as we started chatting and enjoying our drinks the sweet order arrived.
To put it mildly, I was blown out of this world!
The Apple crumble was oozing love and you were immediately transported back to smells of your Granny baking in the kitchen and you as a little child being covered in flour from head to toe and all this served with a very generous serving of cream!
The scones were like nothing you had tasted before – light and fluffy and you can taste that it is not just made from a recipe, the chef bakes with so much passion and care and you can taste this in the food that they produce, served with fresh cream, strawberry jam and butter.
With so much going on in the world at the moment it was so nice to just sit and chat and feel as if you are sitting on spot far, far away from everything, meanwhile you are right across the road from Swartland High School.
Granny Jeans scores a definite five stars!!!
There are different dishes and sweet treats available on a daily basis from fresh breads and croissants to Pasteis de Nata and Pizza.

To visit Granny Jeans they are situated across the road from Swartland High School at 16 Dirkie Uys Street, open from a Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm or you can call them on 022 482 3729 or visit them on Facebook @theneighbourgoodeatery.

Getting your body ready for winter

It’s often easier to keep up an exercise routine and healthy diet in the warmer months, but it’s important to continue your healthy lifestyle choices right throughout winter… maybe with a few rewards in the form of a hot chocolate or glass of wine by the fire.
Below are a few ways you can keep your immune system strong as the seasons change.

Fun in the sun

Vitamin D is important in keeping your immune system ready to fight infections. When possible, get outside and soak up the sun (with sunscreen and sunnies on of course). Foods that contain Vitamin D include oily fish like salmon as well eggs, but the skin’s exposure to sun produces the largest amount in the body. If you’re not getting enough sun try taking a Vitamin D supplement.

Better with betacarotene…
and Vitamin C and E

Betacarotene, or more commonly known as Vitamin A, is a powerful antioxidant that helps rid the body of free radical waste that is produced during normal bodily functions. A betacarotene deficiency can weaken the immune defences of the respiratory tract by damaging the mucous membranes that form a protective barrier against bacteria and viruses. Top food sources: all orange and dark green fruit and vegetables.

Keep your daily intake of vitamin C high throughout the year as this antioxidant is responsible for keeping the number of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies needed to ward off bugs. Top food sources: citrus fruits, guava, strawberries, kiwi fruit, bellpeppers, tomato, broccoli.

Add in Vitamin E for an extra healthy immune system – this antioxidant has been known to improve upper respiratory immunity. Top food sources: wheatgerm, seeds, vegetable oils, leafy green vegetables such as spinach.
Get your dose of Vitamin A, C and E to help fight off nasty infections.

Don’t forget the minerals

Iron, zinc and selenium help nourish the immune system and cells active and healthy. Don’t forget about eating mineral-rich foods like e.g. meat, fortified cereals, kale, broccoli, quinoa, and pulses. It’s also not a bad idea to get a Zinc and iron supplement – ask your healthcare professional about these.

We’ve spoken about A, C and E but
what about those ZZZZs?

Getting enough sleep is one of the ingredients to keeping strong and healthy. The right amount of sleep is as important as eating healthily and exercising because it can have a major effect on risk factors. Rest is important to keep your heart and other organs functioning correctly. Read more about the importance of sleep and sleeping patterns here (link to reboot your body clock).

Amended hospital visitation guidelines for Level 1

Allowing patients to be visited by their loved ones is an essential part of their recovery and wellness. It is also reassuring for a young patients or the elderly to have an escort present when visiting the emergency room or outpatients department. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic we must remain vigilant to avoid congestion and to maintain a safe physical distance between people by decreasing the number of people in our facilities.


• Visitors and escorts are only allowed at health facilities under special circumstances.
• All visitors and escorts must be screened at the entrance of the facility.
• Outpatients:
• One escort is allowed for paediatric, disabled, vulnerable, or enfeebled (weak) patients. No escorts allowed for other patients.
• Emergency Unit:
• Paediatric patients – one escort allowed to accompany patient into emergency room.
• Terminal patients – family members allowed to be present, but only one or two family members allowed to be present at a time.
• Disabled/vulnerable patients – one escort may be allowed depending on situation. Will be assessed on case-to-case basis.
• All other patients: One escort who will remain in waiting room if there is sufficient space.
• Inpatients (adults):
• Limited to 30 minutes visitation per visitor.
• Visiting time period of 60 minutes per day. Confirm with hospital what the ward’s visiting hours are before visiting.
• Terminally ill patients allowed to be visited by loved ones. Restricted to 30 minutes per person per day and more people and longer time at discretion of ward manager.
• Critically ill patients allowed one designated visitor once per day.
• Inpatients (paediatric):
• One parent/caregiver can be with the patient.
• Parent/caregiver can alternate with other parent/caregiver, but only one allowed with patient at a time.
• More family members allowed for terminal patients for 30 minutes, one person at a time. More people and longer time slots at discretion of ward manager.
• Neonatal patients:
• Mother can remain with patient or regularly visit.
• Birthing partner or one designated person can visit daily for 30 minutes. Longer visitation at discretion of ward manager.
• Maternity & labour:
• COVID-19 positive patients in labour – no birthing partners allowed.
• COVID-19 negative patients in labour – one birthing partner during active labour if sufficient space and privacy available.
• C-section: Birthing partners not allowed in theatre, but can visit mother and baby for 30 minutes in postnatal ward.
• Post-natal ward: Birthing partner allowed to visit mother and new-born for 30 minutes per day during visiting period.
• COVID-19 and PUI patients:
• No visitors allowed.
• Can drop off parcels (toiletries, food, books, etc.)
• Exceptions will be made for terminally ill patients.
• All other adult patients not allowed visitors. Parcels (toiletries, food, books) can be dropped off at facility.
Family will be updated on patient’s condition – please ensure they have the correct contact number on file.
Please note: Guidelines will be assessed and implemented according to each facility’s current situation and capacity. Please call the relevant facility before visiting to ask about their visitation guidelines.
All patients and visitors to maintain the following safety precautions: wear a mask over your mouth and nose, maintain a physical distance, ensure good ventilation, and wash or sanitise hands often.

Nuwe toevoeging tot Rose Eiendomme

Sedert 2004 was Luzanne Rose as prinsipaal agent deur baie genade in staat om Rose Eiendomme as haar totale besigheid as ‘n alleenmansaak te bedryf met baie suksesverhale oor die afgelope 17 jaar.

Luzanne se antwoord op ons vraag: Waarom nou… het sy dadelik geantwoord dat dit nie deel van haar beplanning en denke was nie, maar sy het geloof in as die regte dinge op die regte tyd met mens gebeur, skop die nodige “gut feel” in en ontvang mens die nodige Jesus-wysheid en leiding wat nodig is om sulke groot en belangrike besluite te neem.
Met baie vrede en gemoedsrus na die geleentheid haar pad gekruis het, het Luzanne besluit om vir Nandi deel van Rose Eiendomme te maak. Volgens Luzanne is sy baie opgewonde oor Nandi en dit voel beslis soos ‘n energie-inspuiting in haar binneste.

Nandi se professionaliteit, entoesiasme en passie vir haar werk en haar omgee vir mense, asook haar opregtheid, was baie gou sigbaar.

Daar is beslis ‘n wedersydse respek en vrymoedigheid tussen die twee Rosies merkbaar.

Meer oor Nandi…
Nandi het grootgeword op Malmesbury. Ná sy aan die Hoërskool Swartland gematrikuleer het, het sy op Stellenbosch Universiteit gaan studeer waar sy ‘n baccalaureus graad in Ontwikkeling en Omgewingsbestuur verwerf het. Ná haar studies het sy in ingenieurswese gewerk en gespesialiseer in ontwikkelingsbestuur en omgewingsimpakstudies.
Nandi het in 2020 teruggekeer na haar tuisdorp en ‘n loopbaanverandering gemaak en so die eiendomsmark betree. Haar loopbaan is haar passie en sy geniet dit om met mense te werk en ag dit baie bevredigend om kliënte bystand te verleen in hulle soeke na die perfekte woning.

“Daar is vir my geen twyfel dat my keuse om aan te sluit by Rose Eiendomme ‘n goeie besluit was nie. Ek het ongelooflike bewondering vir Luzanne. Sy is ‘n merkwaardige eiendomsagent, mentor en persoon. Wat my spesifiek aangetrek het na Rose Eiendomme is die wyse waarop Luzanne werk, die opregte omgee oor haar kliënte se belange en die moeite wat sy doen vir elke verkoop en verhuring. Dit is vir my belangrik in ons lyn van werk, om ware empatie en entoesiasme te hê en daar stem my en Luzanne se waardes ooreen,” vertel Nandi.

Sport – HSS Toutrek

HSS skitter in toutrekkompetisie

Die gemengde 520kg-toutrekspan van die Hoërskool Swartland op Malmesbury het aan die Hoërskool Goudini se toutrekkompetisie deelgeneem en deurgedring na die finaal. Die span het vierde geëindig.

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